Absolute Results Automotive Marketing

Overview: Absolute Results Marketing services the automotive industry on both the manufacturer and retail levels. Focusing their attention on national and local multi-level mail campaigns, event-based websites and dealership-level promotions, this marketing firm worked with the largest automotive manufacturers and dealerships across the globe.

Scope: Originally brought on as a graphic designer, I quickly moved up to the role of art director as the company grew from a small operation of seven employees to an organization of more than 200 people in offices across Canada and Europe. The primary focus of our work was print material and event-specific websites. The print material consisted of direct mailings, mass national mailing campaigns, posters, signage, booklets and flyers. As the art director, I also oversaw the creation of marketing collateral for a wide range of automotive clients ranging from Ford and Chrysler to Maserati and Audi.

During my time at Absolute Results, we grew from an organization with 30 Canadian clients monthly to over 200 clients in Canada, USA, England, France, Italy and Australia. Navigating new territories and clients meant a constant vigilance and research mind. Navigating these new environments required me to form new relationships with clients, learn their brand guidelines as well as explore their clients’ needs and behaviours.