Dodge Caravan National Campaign


Chrysler (FCA) Canada


Chrysler Canada, along with it’s Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands was the third best selling automotive manufacturer in Canada behind Ford and GM. The client was looking to increase sales and take a larger market share on a national level. Their number one selling vehicle was the Dodge Caravan but sales had plateaued over the previous year. 

My Role

Creative Direction





Other manufacturers were producing highly competitive minivans and taking larger market share each year. The competition was also winning awards for their minivans along with light duty trucks.

The challenge was to show current customers of older models that moving into a new minivan was a sound decision.


Our team conducted customer research and determined that the vast majority of minivans were owned by young families with 2-3 children. Their main concern was their monthly expenses. As related to large purchase, this concerned trumped total cost. The next largest concern was their limited time which related to their desire for a reliable vehicle that would not need repairs or further concerns.


In collaboration with the sales team, we found that many current vehicle owners were financing at higher rates than currently available. Along with a demand for pre-owned vehicles, this gave them the opportunity to trade in their minivan for a new vehicle while keeping their monthly payments the same – and in some cases, even lowering it!


The campaign we developed was called “are you living with a 2 year old?”. This project was a departure from normal computer-designed artwork and photography. Applying the skills of the entire creative team, we made all the text using classic family food. From spaghetti, to fruit, to hot dogs and condiments, this design set itself apart from all the other national campaigns and instantly resonated with parents across the country.


This campaign was originally intended for direct mail only. After the success of the photoshoot, we knew we had a winner on our hands. The campaign was quicky expanded to flyers, in-store posters, banner ads and print advertising in publications across the country.


Minivan Sales Increase

For the first time in over a year, Caravan Sales took back market share from the competition.

Campaign Extended

The campaign that, initially, was meant to run for 6 months, ran for over 2 years and was expanded to the USA.

Top Selling Manufacturer

Due, in part, to this campaign, Chrysler Canada became the top selling automotive manufacturer in Canada.