Joseph Mimran & Associates

Overview: Joseph Mimran & Associates is known best for their Joe Fresh line of clothes and accessories. During the early stages of the company’s development, management saw a huge opportunity to grow the children’s wear department.

Scope: In 2007 I was brought on to create all kid and toddler boy clothing graphics for Joe Fresh Clothing. This was primarily focused on sleepwear, outwerwear and shirts. Additionally I worked hand in hand with the accessories department to create graphics for footwear, hats, backpacks and all other seasonal items that we developed. Working directly with the product developers, and Joesph Mimran to create new clothing lines on a monthly basis, I created over 4,000 designs in the four years of my employment there.

Expectations were very high in the fast-paced and growing Joe Fresh offices. Constant attention to detail on all aspects was essential. Keep adherence to seasonal Pantone colourways was a must as well and ensuring all artwork executable whether it be print, embroidery, appliqué, rubber zipper pulls or any other myriad of options.

Results: During my four years working at Joe Fresh, I produced over 4,000 unique designs for a wide range of clothing applications. Having been the first designer brought on to be dedicated to boyswear, I contributed in developing the brands style and aesthetic as well as provide a wealth of assets for future designers to draw from. I developed massive timesaving systems for producing printed patterns and helped create a streamlined system for file organization and record keeping. All this helped our team grow the department’s sales by over 400% while only increasing staff size by 100%.