Marketing Portfolio

Andina Brewing Co.

When I took over the role marketing role at the brewery, there was a preexisting client list that was vastly under-utilized. I segmented this in to liquor stores (B2B) and customers (B2C). And developed targeted email campaigns for both audiences. This initiative allowed the brewery to pre-sell nearly all the limited release beers produced and grew release-day taproom sales.

In 2019 I reworked the social media focus and structure to add personality to the brewery’s image as well as increase engagement with customers. Posts were added more frequently and had more variety. This initiative increased likes and comments by over 300%.

One of my first tasks was to create new sales sheets and other marketing collatoral. The strategy was to send this material to loyal customers ahead of the public creating a sense of loyalty while increasing pre-sales. This enabled the business to expand sales to Vancouver Island, Alberta and Manitoba.

In 2021 I spearheaded a website update that was more mobile friendly, included a store-locator feature and an integrated online store. Management was able to control online sales more effectively.

In my multi-facetted role, I had the pleasure of coordinating several collaboration brews with other great breweries in oder to grow brand awarenes in local and provincial markets. The collaboration with Lighthouse Brewing in particular gave the brewery recognition in the Vancouver Island market prior to the start of distribution to that region.

Absolute Results Marketing

In a time when the prevailing thought was “print is dead”, this international marketing agency successfully launched 200 mail campaigns per month sending out hundreds of thousands of mailers in an impressive coordinated effort. It was my responsibility to spearhead the campaign designs while overseeing the team who coordinated with clients and finalized the designs.

As the Art Director, I worked closely with managements and the sales team to develop marketing collateral to help with the company’s massive growth. The business was complicated and varied which necessitated unique material for each market and organization based on their unique needs.

Unique registration websites were created for each marketing campaign allowing customers to receive advanced notifications, details and more.

Night Owl Brewing

With a limited budget, my go-to marketing for this brewing company was social media. I was able to build a devoted following in a small time with time as my only resource. This allowed me to reach out to potential customers, partnership breweries and influencers.

Being a small operation solely serving a local market, I was able to reach out to Vancouver craft beer influencers who were happy to mention Night Owl beers in exchange for free samples. This was both cost effective and produced good results with increased following and brand recognition.

Another cost effective marketing strategy was participating in craft beer festivals. There was an upfront cost associated with this however this was offset by beer sales. Allowing potential customers to sample the product and learn about the business face to face with the owner was a very effective way to build a following in a short time.

Freelance Work

This past summer I worked with several companies helping to develop their marketing channels. One of these, featured to the left, is Old Shoe Dawg, a Canadian retailer who needed to create several email campaigns for their summer and fall promotions.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous organizations dedicated to fostering positive change through impactful events. In my role, I contributed to the development of their social media presence, crafting campaigns that effectively amplified the reach of their events on a national scale.