Client: Night Owl Brewing
Project: Visual Identity
Year: 2017


Night Owl Brewing was my highly successful side-project brewing company. For this project, Night Owl Brewing needed a full identity package including logo, labels, merchandise and social media elements. This small start-up operation was based out of a collective brewing space in East Vancouver and needed a fun, bold brand that represented the industry zeitgeist.

The logo is designed to be be instantly recognizable from a distance and at small scale while being visually appealing from closer inspection. High contrast colours are used in all elements often focusing on complementaries.

The primary typeface used is Gotham for it’s versatility and legible “Ultra” font weight.

As this brand was a small start-up with limited budget, social media was the major marketing focus. These social media graphics were created for the launch of each new beer. The background consisted of geometric patterns with icon-inspired graphics overlaid for both visual appeal and to reinforce the new beer’s name. Using a consistent layout helped reinforce brand recognition and drive traffic to the brewery for each new release. The consistency and recognizability led to major internal and external sales of all new releases.

The application of the logo on merchandise including shirts, hats and growlers were were incredibly popular and sold in out in all categories over multiple orders helping grow the brand even further.