Snack Shack App UX / UI


Sunset Bites is a beachside food shack looking to increase sales and streamline customer facing processes through an online ordering app.

The Problem

There is a customer bottleneck at the order/pickup window which slows down business and frustrates customers. Customers often complain about wait times for orders. Additionally, one extra staff member is needed to take orders.

The Goal

The goal is to design an app will let users order food online which will increase the speed of ordering and customer satisfaction by allowing customers to order ahead of time while notifying them when their food is ready. We will measure the effectiveness by comparing online orders to in-person orders and YoY growth

My Role

In this Google lead course project, I was responsible for research, wireframing, prototype design and testing.


For this project interviews were conducted to determine the customers’ needs and goals. From there, personas were created followed by user stories and journey maps.

Pain Point 1

Customers are at the beach to relax – they do not want to be waiting in line for food.

Pain Point 2

Customers have specific dietary requirements – they need to know what is in the food they are ordering

Pain Point 3

Customers are worried about losing their spot on the beach if they get up to order food.

Competitive Audit

Wireframes & Lo-fi Prototypes

Usability Study Findings

Hi-fidelity Prototype